Timea Belej-Rak

As a physician, my time is very limited which is what prompted me to explore alternative food options. Having tried several other weight loss and maintenance programs, none compare to Fit Food! The food is fresh, never frozen, delicious and nutritious! The best part is that it is delivered right to your door! I love the taste, convenience and how healthy it makes me feel, as reflected in my most recent cholesterol profile. Just do it - there's nothing like it!


The 15 day plan was an excellent kick start to building a nutritional routine that was easy to follow, with all of the meals being excellent (great recipes on so many of the meals prepared). In terms of feeling hungry I would say that was more due to the extent of physical activity I was doing during the 15 days. My training for our cycling ride in September has intensified and obviously I had to supplement the meals especially on days where my cardio was more intense (runs of more than 10k, cycling rides of more than 80k) Fit Food offering extra snacks for those days was essential. Total weight loss was about 6 pounds but in that 15 days I had probably about 6 strength training days at home so muscle mass is why the loss wasn’t more. Outside of extreme cardio sessions, I did not fell hungry at all during the day, with late night being sometimes hungry but I found I would leave my salad until later evening before eating. Thank-you again for the great service. - Patrick (40 years old)

Susan R.

I'm on my second month of FitFood meals and I'll likely order a third month. The food is really good and much more interesting than I expected. Lots of vegetables, fish, chicken and vegetarian meals prepared in unexpected ways, very few grains and desserts which aren't too sweet. I thought three meals and two snacks a day would be too much food but the portions are sensible, the ingredients are fresh and high quality and I always finish everything. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who wants to eat well and doesn't have the time to shop and cook.

Rita F. Ciccolini

I have incorporated Fit Food into my daily meals, for years now, as it provides me with healthy, tasty meals and the added convenience in a busy day ! Healthy meals for people on the go, Fit Food is the best choice ! Delivery right to our door, what more could we ask for. Rita F. Ciccolini


The meals were delicious, probably only two food items were a bit bland but I was pleasantly surprised by the variety! I absolutely loved the daily smoothies and give the plan a 9.5 out of 10 overall. I did hope to lose at least 5 pounds during those 10 days. Realistically however, I think the two pounds I lost were good to help me jump start my summer travels. I look forward to utilizing the menu options the next time I use the service.


I very much enjoyed the 25 day plan. The food wasI excellent, the delivery service was flawless, and it provided a perfect view on portion control as well a good sense of what to eat when throughout the day. Bonus was I also lost 6 pounds in the 25 days. I am away for the next 2-3 months, however upon my return, I will be signing up again for your service. It is well worth the cost.


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