Peter Soni

I couldn’t be happier with my FitFood Experience! I signed up for the 15-day program because I was in desperate need of a kick-start in my life to get back into shape and start living a healthy lifestyle. Mariana took the time to listen to what my goals were and to tailor the program to those specific needs; she even checked in on me from time to time to see how it was going. Long story short, after only 15 days, I lost 8 pounds, 3% body fat, 1.25 inches off of my stomach and my metabolic age plummeted by 8 years bringing me 6 years under my actual age. The changes in my body were immediately visible by the end of the program. I would happily (and actively) recommend FitFood to absolutely anyone looking to improve themselves inside and out. Thank you FitFood!

Giselle Verna

As I prepared for my upcoming wedding in 2012 I realized I needed help to reach my goal of losing over 15 lbs and toning my body. The fit loft and Mariana my trainer were the answer to my prayers. As I began working out I quickly began to see changes. My eating habits, however, needed to be adjusted, too many carbs and too many midnight snacks were sabotaging my progress and hard work. That is when I was introduced to the “Fit Food Program”. I saw immediate changes which motivated me to h. I loved being on the “Fit Food Program”, the food was great, very tasty and well prepared. The program included tasty breakfasts, lunches and dinners along with snacks and shakes. Not to mention how easy it made my life since I did not need to stress about food preparation. There was a good variety of foods and they were able to make adjustments to my menu since I do not eat fish. They were happy to offer suggestions on snacking and what to do when a craving arises. I also saw great improvement on my energy levels throughout the day and my endurance to run and be active. The fit loft and “Fit Food Program” helped me accomplish a very important goal during a very important time in my life and I was very proud and pleased with my results. On my wedding day I was a very happy bride and I felt confident and happy in my own skin. Thanks for helping me create beautiful memories on my wedding day!!!

Phil – Cardio Study

Thank you Fit Food team – Your food has been exceptional ! Its great to know that you can eat healthy food with such ease.

Jake Reinhart (Linebacker, Toronto Argonauts)

As a professional athlete, I value what I use to fuel my body on a daily basis. With limited time, Fit Food provides me with a quick, nutritional meal to keep me going in the morning. It makes life easier while allowing me to still eat healthy.

Donna Cardoza

have had a life long battle with my weight. I had used other food delivery services but something didn’t quite fulfil what I needed. I started Fit Food when life became very hectic with caring for elderly parents. The attention to detail and variety in the menu and recipes is top notch. Mariana calls me personally to discuss my goals and options based on my personal needs. I was pre-diabetic and am not anymore! You’d be surprised at what an appropriate portion actually looks like and how satisfied you can feel. Although I’m not in the delivery area, it’s worth the drive for me to pick up my meals and see Silvana!! I’m on my third order and will continue to use the service until I reach my final goal and probably thereafter just because I’m addicted to the smoothies! Donna Cardoza Sharon, ON

Miss Universe Canada 2014, Chanel Beckenlehner

"I am a big believer in a wholistic approach to achieving ultimate health. Nutrition is a key ingredient of success. Fit Food provides a customized approach to making your life easier and healthier. After experiencing several dishes not only are they delicious but also satisfying. This is fuel of champions".


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