Laura Stolf – Ambassador of Well-Being

Over the years, I have encountered many people who tell me that they want to start making healthier food choices (either due to personal choice or doctor recommended). However, they always include a BUT...for instance, I want to eat healthy BUT... I don’t like to cook. Cooking is not one of my strengths. I’d prefer to do anything other than cook. I don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen. I don’t want to eat the same boring food everyday. Healthy food doesn’t taste as good. I don’t have time. I am too busy. I don’t know where to start. And, the list goes on. Last month, I discovered Fit Food. As someone with a variety of food restrictions (grains, gluten, dairy, etc), I am always hesitant about ordering my food from food delivery services and restaurants. Fit Food extinguished any and all of my worries. I simply emailed a list of the ingredients I could NOT consume to Mariana, and within a day or so, a menu was created just for ME. The menu was then sent back to me for approval. I was able to look it over and request the changes I desired. All of the smoothies and meals that I received were fresh, nutritious, and delicious. They were well packaged and included reheating instructions (when required). If you want a solution to all of the excuses I mentioned above, I’d highly recommend Fit Food! It’s a fantastic way to jumpstart your healthy living journey. Laura

Jennifer (Lawyer, Golfer and Foodie)

I wanted to share my experience with FitFood because I truly believe in this company, its people and their products. Unlike many other competitors on the market, FitFood is not a fad diet or just a meal plan. FitFood offers a complete lifestyle in conjunction with ongoing support. A few months before my wedding in Las Vegas, I was completely panicked to lose those last 5-10 pounds in order to feel more confident and look my best. Although I had already been living a healthy lifestyle with consistent exercise, I could never seem to lose that extra weight. I had plateaued in my weight loss despite eating lots of protein and exercising 4 to 5 times a week. I worked with FitFood to design a customized meal plan for my goals and my schedule. Being a lawyer and working in the restaurant industry, eating out and going to lots of events was my normal. Having a passion for food and wine made dieting extremely difficult. However, FitFood worked with me to gradually reduce my portion sizes and eat more frequently. This was sustainable weight loss that actually helped increase my metabolism. I then tried to mirror this way of eating when I was not ordering their meals. Since I worked out a few times a week, I also purchased the FitFood protein bars and other baked goods to supplement my diet. These "treats" were healthy, delicious and helped me fuel up after the gym. They were made with wholesome ingredients and not processed such that they did not give me that bloated feeling in comparison to a lot of other protein bars and shakes. I also brought some treats with me on the golf course to avoid eating unhealthy snacks and burgers at the half-way house. In addition, the people at FitFood was a continuous source of support for me even when I had gotten off track. They never shamed me after a few episodes of excessive eating and drinking. Their encouragement went a long way towards my success. Overall, if you are looking to lose weight and change your lifestyle, I would highly recommend working with FitFood! They helped me look great and feel great when I needed it most! Best,

Lauren Howe (Miss Canada 2017)

I am a huge believer in that 80% of being healthy comes from your diet instead of how hard you work in the gym. No matter how hard you work, if you don't treat your body right, you won't see results. With that in mind, I was absolutely saved by Fit Food and the meal plans. I was told that I needed to gain 5 pounds in three weeks ... While also needed to wear a bikini on an international stage. I didn't know the first thing about how to do that and Mariana worked with me to build out the ideal plan on how to make that happen. The meals were absolutely delicious, tailored to my goals and helped keep me on track when faced with a busy schedule. I am so grateful to the Fit Food team for all their work - thank you SO much!!

Chloe Victoria

I loved that the breakfast smoothie wasn't too thick and it was nice and light but filling! I felt really good after each meal, not sluggish at all.


"I have been struggling with my weight for few years with long hours at work and cooking taking so much of my time. I decided last November to lead a healthy lifestyle and “not to go on a diet”. I tried meal plans delivery few years ago but I didn’t enjoy it as it didn’t taste fresh, most of the time it is frozen, and at the same time, lots of the time I would end up throwing the meals because they don’t taste good and end up ordering a delivery. In November I spent 3 weeks researching online for fresh food meal plan delivery in Toronto, and I ended up shortlisting 2 companies which I gave a phone call, and felt more comfortable talking with the lovely Mariana at Fit Food. I ordered the 25 day Meal plan to give it a try. Before my first meal plan was over, I lost 14 pounds, the food always tasted fresh, and on top of that, Fit Food were very responsive to my comments and taste by changing the meals I would like to replace, catering to my needs and to my peculiar taste with food. I loved the responsiveness of Fit food, especially Mariana. More so, the idea of always having my snacks and meals ready, with no need to waste time cooking, grocery shopping, and planning every meal in advance, on top of wasting money on unhealthy food deliveries when I am not in the mood to cook. I ended up renewing my meal plan for another 2 months, and I keep on shedding weights, it motivated me to move more, I feel less bloated , more energetic, I am going to the gym more, trying new activities like Yoga and walking more. In my modest opinion, it was totally worth it, and I would recommend Fit Food without hesitation, and looking forward for more of my personal health journey. Rad"

Krystle Khan (fitness model)

You have been so accommodating, so thank you. Thank you so much for keeping me on tack. I will be recommending your services.


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