Healthy Snacks & Teas

Fit Food's healthy snacks are a great way to eat well with your active lifestyle.

Healthy snack & tea delivery in Toronto & the GTA.
Conveniently delivered to your door with a minimum order of $50.
100% what you’re craving. 0% of the guilt.

Our Products Include

Fit Bakes

Enjoy our delicious & nutritious cookies, including Blueberry Pecan and Quinoa Cranberry

Fit Bars

Pop our bite-sized snacks any time you get a craving or need a little natural boost.  Great for you and delicious, our Fit Bites include Lemon Bliss, Cranberry Vanilla and Chocolate Fudge.


Try our delicious wellness tea that boosts the metabolism! Certified Organic & All Natural

Fit Bites

Our bars provide you with the natural energy you need to thrive during your active day.  Great tastes, including Carrot Cake and Triple Chocolate, will make our bars a household and on-the-go favorite.

Fit Bowls

Start your day or snack on a bowl of goodness with our Fit Bowls.  Pumpkin Date, Cranberry Vanilla and Berry Chocolate will give you a variety of great tastes, the healthy way.


Try our delicious wellness and energy-boosting tea! Certified Organic & All Natural.

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