Food Heating Instructions

All our meals are safe to eat as is. They are cooked and delivered ready for consumption.

We understand there are different preferences to food temperatures and therefore we provide all our meals in microwave safe containers.

To reach your desired food temperature simply remove salads or any other side ingredient you do not wish to heat up and place the container in the microwave.

Each microwave is different and therefore you will have to take that into consideration when re-heating your meals. Usually 1 to 3 minutes will suffice. You will also have to judge the time not to overcook you meal.

Heating stovetop is also an option. In this case please remove ingredients from container and place them in the chosen pan. Use low to medium heat to warm up meal to desired temperature.

Your Breakfast, Snacks and Desserts can be consumed cold. In your menu you may receive a Snack that can be re-heated, such as egg dishes. Usually 30 seconds to 1 minute will suffice.

If you prefer to re-heat items such as muffins, breads and loafs please remove from its container to re-heat.

Smoothies need to be shaken well. Please hold the lid while shaking to avoid spills.

Parfaits, Mousses and Puddings need to be mixed well.

All Cereals will have a side of Almond Milk to be added.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us

Microwave Safe containers have Black Bottoms and Clear Lids or Clear Bowls


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