• 5 Food Trends to Whet Your Appetite

    August 28, 2017 Published by 1 Comment
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    You’d think that, because we need it to stay alive, food really wouldn’t end up being ‘trendy’ at all – just like there are no trendy new ways to breathe air. But food tastes a lot better than air, and we love the flavours. Not only do food trends come and go for different tastes, […]

  • How to Enjoy BBQ Season & Stay Healthy

    July 24, 2017 Published by 3 Comments
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    It’s here! That time of year when you and your family and friends either host backyard parties, head for the cottage or go camping to enjoy the fresh, healthy outdoors. Except that what you end up eating in all those situations might make all the outdoor living not as healthy as you think. Not only […]

  • How to Not Let Travel Ruin Your Healthy Diet

    May 29, 2017 Published by Leave a comment
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    Whether you travel regularly for business, or you just go away on one vacation a year, there’s one thing about travel that isn’t so ‘enlightening’. For business or pleasure, when we travel, chances are high hat we relax our diet discipline and start eating and drinking more of the things that aren’t so good for […]

  • 2017 Top Food Trends to Check Out

    January 13, 2017 Published by 1 Comment
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    Yes, you heard it here first. Over a year ago, way back in September 2015, we told you about the many health benefits of coconut oil. We use coconut oil to prepare many of our Fit Food entrees and have been doing so from the beginning. Last week, none other than Time Magazine proclaimed “coconut […]