New delivery schedule! Starting June 1: Fit Food delivers on Tuesdays & Fridays 6:30-10PM


Conveniently delivered to your door with a minimum order of $50.

Our products include:

Fit-BakesEnjoy our delicious & nutritious cookies, including Blueberry Pecan and Quinoa Cranberry
Fit-BarsOur bars provide you with the natural energy you need to thrive during your active day.  Great tastes, including Carrot Cake and Triple Chocolate, will make our bars a household and on-the-go favorite.
Fit-BitesPop our bite-sized snacks any time you get a craving or need a little natural boost.  Great for you and delicious, our Fit Bites include Lemon Bliss, Cranberry Vanilla and Chocolate Fudge.
Fit-BowlsStart your day or snack on a bowl of goodness with our Fit Bowls.  Pumpkin Date, Cranberry Vanilla and Berry Chocolate will give you a variety of great tastes, the healthy way.