Just What is a Balanced Diet?

Chances are, if you asked 10 different people to define a “balanced diet”, you’ll get 10 different answers. While most of us know it means getting a variety of healthy foods, few of us can specifically say just how we do that.

There’s a good reason for this somewhat sad state of affairs. We are all different. And the “balance” of foods that are best for you will not be the same as for someone else.

But there are some basics of a balanced diet that, if you get to know more about them, and start eating accordingly, you’ll probably end up eating a more balanced and healthy diet than you do now.

1. Eat foods from the different food groups:

The Canada Food Guide recommends that you eat a certain number of servings from each of the four major food groups every day.

  1. Vegetables and Fruit
  2. Grain Products
  3. Milk and Alternatives
  4. Meat and Alternatives

2. Get calories from different macronutrients:

This is where some of the balanced diet confusion starts. While you might get calories from the right balance of macronutrients just by eating the right number of servings from the different food groups – you might not. When you don’t is when problems can arise. You should get your macronutrients in the following portions each day:

  1. Fats: 25 to 30%
  2. Carbohydrates: 40% to 50%
  3. Protein: 25% to 35%

Again, we’re all different. The Food Guide breaks down the number of recommended servings of each food group into six different age groups for both females and males – or 12 different serving guidelines.

Numbers of servings and macronutrient portions can also change if you’re an expectant mother, if you’re overweight, if you’re an athlete, etc., etc..

If this all sounds a little confusing, it doesn’t have to be. Instead of worrying about how many servings of everything and which macronutrients you’re getting your calories from, and bothering to prepare meals accordingly, let Fit Food take care of it all for you!

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