Tired All the Time? It Could Be Your Diet

July 10, 2017 Published by Leave your thoughts
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If all you can do when you get home from work or shopping is flop on the couch, and it’s been like that for more than a few months, you could have one or more of a few different conditions.

1. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Affecting about 2% of the population, if you’ve had severe fatigue for more than six months straight, you may have diagnosable chronic fatigue syndrome.

2. Depression or Anxiety

If you are stressed due to anxiety or depression, they can actually sap your energy.

3. Under Nourishment

If you’re not getting the right nutrition from your diet, you ay have deficiencies that could sap your energy.

If your tiredness has been profound, to the point of causing sleep problems and/or depression, for an extended period, then you should see a doctor because those are signs of CFS.

But if you just feel tired all the time and less motivated to do things, then your fatigue may be more due to an emotional condition and/or under nourishment. And a poor diet could be the cause of both of them.

Diet & Nutrition

Of course, there’s a direct connection between the healthiness of the food you eat and the nutrition you get. But too many people equate food quantity with nutrition. It’s possible for you to be eating big meals every day and still not get the nutrients you need to maintain your energy levels.

Diet & Mental Health

Aside from robbing your body of the energy and nutrition to help you deal with the symptoms and stresses of anxiety and depression, a poor diet can actually trigger the symptoms. From low energy, to putting on extra weight, the symptoms of a bad diet can bring on the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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