Spring Essentials: add these goodies to your diet (and see how we did it)!

Hello, Summer ’19! The season isn’t officially here yet, but as we welcome the days of fun in the sun,
it’s important that we change a few habits in order to live our best, healthiest lives. During this
transition phase, we start letting go of thick soups and other meals that keep us warm and full,
replacing them with amazing fresh goodies that Spring brings to the table.

That’s exactly what we did while creating Fit Food’s Spring Menu, and now it’s time to share a few
treats that will keep you light and refreshed, full of energy to go out on the town or to keep up with the
kids on their school break – or both! Shall we take a look on our Spring/Summer essentials?


Can’t deny our Brazilian roots! High in antioxidants and fiber, this delicious treat has been getting
more and more popular outside Brazil and is a great alternative to ice cream. You can have it as
dessert, a snack or for breakfast, but careful not to add too many sweets and toppings! That’s why we
keep it simple, tasty and healthy with our Açaí Bowl with Granola made in the house.


We love tahini, so much so that we use it in almost every dressing. It’s an amazingly rich source of
protein, vitamins B and E, magnesium, iron and calcium. You can also use tahini to make hummus
like our Garlic or Roasted Squash Hummus that are an absolute hit with the the customers!


This fruit often passes off as a banana, but while they’re indeed similar, plantain has many benefits of
its own and it’s usually cooked. It’s so versatile that we’ve added it to our Trout Burger for great
texture and flavour! Plantains are potassium-rich, high in antioxidants, vitamins C, A and B6, and help
regulate the digestive system – and because they’re more slowly digested, they keep us satisfied for
longer, helping with weight control!


Two words: incredibly versatile! This vegetable is low-carb and has an impressive amount of nutrients,
such as fiber and vitamins C, K and B6. Studies show that it fights inflammation and helps avoid heart
and brain diseases, and even cancer risk. Besides steaming and roasting, you can also use
cauliflower to replace food that isn’t as healthy. We always use Cauliflower Rice in our meals, and
the new Beef Stroganoff with Creamy Cauliflower Mash is much lighter because we use this
amazing vegetable instead of potatoes.


Known as the Oriental radish, daikon promotes digestion and respiratory health, boosts immunity,
lowers sugar levels and helps maintain blood pressure levels while also reducing cancer risk. We love
soups here at Fit Food, so for Spring and Summer, we came up with a Keto Chicken Noodle Soup
with daikon and other low-carb and light ingredients.

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