Post Baby Weight Loss

The journey of becoming a mother is unlike anything else in the world. Aside from being the greatest gift in the world, your body goes through so many changes and it’s all happening at the same time which can be a challenge.

Your hormones change, your body changes, your priorities change, and your schedule and routine change. At times it will feel like you have to start your health journey from scratch. However, losing the baby weight doesn’t have to be hard.

Here’s how I started exercising and eating well to lose my postpartum weight.

  1. Schedule a 30 min stretch and low impact workout 3-4 times a week to get your body used to working out again. Then slowly make your way back to your original pre-baby workout routine
  2. Prep! Whenever making food that freezes well, make extra and freeze it to consume on days that get extra busy with your new routine.
  3. Choose your favorite items from a health store and load up on them so you never miss out on consuming a snack or a meal. The hardest part for me was finding time to eat, so making sure you have options will help with this transition. My favorite was Fit Food’s healthy snack bars in the Chewy Trail Mix and Triple Chocolate flavors.
  4. Make your workouts a part of you and baby time. I loved doing mom and baby yoga classes because it allowed me to get out of the house and enjoy some quality time with my baby.
  5. Don’t be too hard on yourself, this is one of the biggest transitions you will ever experience. Allow yourself time to get into the right mindset to achieve your goals in a positive way.

Most importantly, achieving your post-baby weight loss goals requires patience. Don’t be discouraged if it takes a bit longer than expected. Make sure to avoid crash diets that will give you short-term results but result in weight gain in the long run. Embrace the changes as a reflection of this beautiful gift you just received, and allow your body to go through its natural changes back to what it used to be.

Up next, unpacking the term “fresh whole foods.”


Mariana Valente

Fit Food owner, Health expert, and Certified Personal Trainer.

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