How to Not Let Travel Ruin Your Healthy Diet

May 29, 2017 Published by Leave your thoughts
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Whether you travel regularly for business, or you just go away on one vacation a year, there’s one thing about travel that isn’t so ‘enlightening’. For business or pleasure, when we travel, chances are high hat we relax our diet discipline and start eating and drinking more of the things that aren’t so good for us.

The problem begins almost as soon as we leave the house. With meal service in scare supply on many flights, we’ll visit airport food courts, full of fast-food options, for a pre-flight meal and/or for something to snack on in-flight.

After we land, all bets are off. From heavy meals and drinks with the client, to heading straight for the buffet in the hotel, it’s like our better judgement is on vacation too.

While there’s nothing wrong with cheat days and letting go once in a while, especially when we’re ready to make up the difference later, when it goes on for a few days or weeks, it can reverse a lot of the hard work you’ve done.

The other downside of an all-restaurant diet is that, even after just a couple of days, it can get repetitive and unappetizing. Just how many times can you hit the buffet?

So not only do you end up eating unhealthy foods, you end up not really liking them either.

Fresh Meals to the Rescue

Just when you thought there was no way for you to eat healthily while on vacation, along comes the idea letting Fit Food prepare the meals for your next business trip or vacation.

Not only will you know that you’re eating health meals made especially for you from fresh, nutritious ingredients, but with a different dish in each package, you’ll never get bored of eating them.

So all you need to do to get away from the travel-meal blahs, and the damage they can do to your healthy eating, is call your Fit Food Nutrition Concierge and let him or her help you customize a meal plan to your tastes the next time you have travel plans.