Matter over Mind – the Benefits of a Healthy Diet for Your Mental Health

June 10, 2017 Published by 3 Comments
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First, this I not going to be another “you need to change your diet” or “you should exercise more” sort of post that gives you over-simplified solutions to very real and distressing mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

As anyone who suffers from either one or both conditions will tell you, there’s no one thing; no pill, no therapy, no diet; that ‘cures’ them.

But that doesn’t mean that some or all of those things can’t help. Healthier eating habits can help you mitigate some of the triggers of depression and/or anxiety, give you the energy to better cope with their symptoms and reduce the ill effects of the poor eating habits they can promote. Here’s how:

1. Reduce the Effect of Triggers

It’s amazing that you can be doing so well, free of the shackles, and just one sight of yourself in the mirror can bring it all crashing down. Healthier eating helps you manage your weight, improve your complexion, and gives you a sense that at least in one way you are doing something to improve your life.

2. Increase Your Energy Levels

No, you’re not going to get the boost of energy that will make you bound out of bed when you’re at a low point. But your symptoms will not be as physically draining and you won’t be brought down further by the fact that you’re eating poorly.

3. Maintain Your Health

When things are going well, you probably eat a relatively healthy diet. But the salt and sugar fixes you reach for when you’re depressed or anxious can counteract the health benefits of your usual diet. By being more deliberate about watching what you eat and balancing your diet, including developing healthy snack habits, you’ll more likely weather the storm with your health unscathed.

Like physical health, mental health comes from a complex combination of factors. And no one is ever perfectly healthy. The more you can do, the better things will be. If meal preparation is standing between you and healthy eating, call your Fit Food Nutrition Concierge who will develop a meal plan for your needs, have the meals prepared from the freshest, healthiest ingredients, and deliver them to your front door.