How Healthy Snacks Might be the Missing Link in Reaching Health & Wellness Goals

If there’s been anything good about the frigid winter we’re going through here in Toronto and the GTA, it s that it’s made it cozier than usual to get under a blanket and watch a great movie or get your Netflix binge on.

Unfortunately, the more engrossing your viewing choices are, the worse it might be for your healthy eating.

A show that really grabs your attention can lead to unconscious emotional eating when you mindlessly reach for a snack during the flick. Yes, that’s right, emotional eating isn’t just for masking your sorrows, but even a sad or action-packed film can make you eat more without being conscious of it. And it’s not just how much you eat, but what you’re eating too.

1. Sugar

From rotting your teeth, to overloading your liver and increasing your chance of diabetes, cancer and obesity; and that dreaded non-alcoholic fatty liver disease; oh, yeah, and hormone imbalances, sugar does absolutely nothing to improve your health and so much to ruin it.

2. Salt

If you had no salt in your system, your heart would literally stop. In that way, salt is absolutely necessary to our existence – but only about a teaspoon a day. Any more than that and you put yourself at risk of higher blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, dementia and kidney disease.

3. Excess Fat

We say ‘excess’ because, like salt, you need fat to live. But not the sort of fat that’s used as flavor enhancers in processed snack foods. Too much of those bad fats can increase your levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol and your risk of heart disease and stroke.

There’s one more health issue common to all of these that we’ve not mentioned. They will all contribute to weight gain.

What most people don’t consider when thinking about changing to healthy snacks is that, not only are they no longer eating stuff that can make them sick, they’ll be eating stuff that can actually prevent sickness. It’s like a double bonus.

While you can try nuts, legumes and fruits, healthy snacking often means preparing your own favourites.  If that’s just not going to happen, call your Fit Food Nutritional Concierge and have delicious and nutritious snack foods prepared just for you. Like our Sweet Potato Bun with Kale and a side of Grapes.


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