How to Enjoy BBQ Season & Stay Healthy

July 24, 2017 Published by 3 Comments
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It’s here! That time of year when you and your family and friends either host backyard parties, head for the cottage or go camping to enjoy the fresh, healthy outdoors.

Except that what you end up eating in all those situations might make all the outdoor living not as healthy as you think.

Not only are many of the meats we barbecue not the healthiest (like the high levels of fat, salt, calories and additives in even the healthiest looking burger), but barbecuing itself can cause carcinogens to form in meat. And even the extras, like potato salad, are out to get you too.

If you find yourself at your fair share of barbecues this summer and you want to minimize any ill health effects of the foods you eat, practice some of the following tips.

1. Look for Anything that You Know is Healthy

Grilled vegetables are delicious when done on the barbecue and they don’t suffer any ill effects from the process. Barbecued corn on the cob is another one to reach for.

2. Watch the Alcohol Consumption

In addition to the usual reasons for watching how much you drink, alcohol also reduces your will power, so you end up having that second burger after all.

3. Eat Before You Go

We’re not saying to pig out, but eat something healthy before the barbecue, then maybe indulge in a single burger and salad when you get there. It’s a mistake to arrive at the barbecue when you’re ‘starving’.

4. Drink Water

Not only does it keep you hydrated on hot summer days, but it fills you up so you eat less at the barbecue.

There’s no reason not to enjoy every single barbecue you’re lucky enough to get invited to. But if you regularly practice healthy eating and exercise habits, remember that just one barbecue can reverse a lot of your efforts.