Beware the Times When Eating Well Isn’t Always Easy

November 20, 2017 Published by Leave your thoughts
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In our last post, we talked about what is a balanced diet. Another way to think of a balanced diet is as the basis for eating well. When you fuel up in the right proportion from healthy, nutritious foods, you set yourself up for all of the good things that result, including more energy and better health.

But even if you’re adamant about maintaining a balanced diet, there are times when it’s not so easy to do. Unfortunately, you don’t always realize when those times pop up and, if they happen often enough, they can derail all the other healthy eating you do.

But if you’re more aware of the situations when your eating may not be as healthy as normal, maybe you can do something about it and be more consistent with your diet.

Here are just a few times when your good eating habits might go bad.

1. Lazy Days

Especially at this time of year when, instead of preparing good meals, you just want to lay on the couch and Netflix binge, it’s tempting to fill up on processed snack foods or order in, both of which can mean empty calories and high sugar and salt content.

2. Business Meals

If your company hosts lots of business lunches, the corporate menu isn’t always the healthiest. Especially when clients are involved, it’s tempting to choose trendy restaurant foods instead of healthier options.

3. Travelling

You’re late for the flight, so you’ll just grab something at the airport, or eat on the plane. And when you arrive, you’re more likely to eat out than you are when you’re home.

How can you enjoy all these situations and still be eating well?

Let your Fit Food Nutrition Concierge put together a healthy, nutritious balanced diet for you. Lazy day? Just pop a delicious snack of vegetable tahini and chickpeas into the microwave. Business meeting lunch? Suggest to the office manager that you can have tasty, healthy meals prepared for the meeting. Late for your flight? Pop a mouth-watering chicken and veggies meal into the microwave before you go and eat it later.

Healthy eating anytime has never been so easy!