6 Superfood Fruits with the Most Nutrition

Before we go any further, we’re not really big fans of the term ‘Superfood’. There’s no denying that some whole foods have higher nutritional value than others, but ‘superfood’ seems to be more of a marketing term than an indicator of nutritional value..

Why do we say that? You usually only hear the term ‘superfood’ in relation to foods that have recently gained higher acceptance in our diets. Foods like quinoa and kale. Other foods that have similar nutritional value, like spinach and beans, but that have been in our diets for longer than we can remember, don’t usually get called ‘superfoods’.

Fruits generally have lower nutritional density than vegetables, so they aren’t usually included in any ‘superfood’ lists. And they are a relatively rare part of our regular meals (steak and apples anyone?). But, from fibre to antioxidants, fruits are full of fresh healthy nutrients, not to mention great taste

Fruits with the Highest Nutritional Density

1. Lemons

Go suck a lemon. Really. It might make you pucker but you’ll be getting nutritional density that’s higher than some vegetables, especially vitamin C and fibre.

2. Tomatoes

First, lets just put the ‘is it a vegetable?’ or ‘is it a fruit?’ thing to rest once and for all. In simple terms, tomatoes are fruits because they carry the seed of the tomato plant. But we treat them like vegetables in our diet. They’re a great source of vitamins C, K1 and B9.

3. Strawberries

They’re a favourite for their flavour and their packed with nutrients, including potassium and manganese.

4. Oranges

Famously full of vitamin C, oranges deliver lots of other nutrients including copper, calcium and folate.

5. Limes

If lemons aren’t to your liking, then try their cousin, the lime. Just one little lime gives you 1% or more of the recommended daily value of 12 different vitamins and six different minerals.

6. Grapefruit

By now you’ll have noticed the trend to citrus fruits here. In addition to the high levels of vitamin C that you get in all citrus, you get Vitamins A and B1, copper, potassium and biotin from every grapefruit.

Now that you know what nutrition you get in Superfood fruits, how do you get more of those Superfruits in your diet. Every one of the fruits with the highest nutritional density listed above is included in one or more of the healthy, nutritious meals we make for you here at Fit Food. So call your Nutritional Concierge today and let us get started making on your healthy, balanced diet.


Shelby Kroach, BA, CNP, NNCP

Shelby Kroach, is a holistic nutritionist and a true food enthusiast. After receiving her honors BA in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario, Shelby decided to take her... read full bio

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