• Foods that Are Good for Your Body & Mind

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    Have you ever wondered why, sometimes when you’re stressed, depressed, or even ‘in love’, you feel it in your stomach? Why not your elbows, or your liver? Your brain is the centre of your nervous system, as such it is directly connected to every part of your body. But what most people don’t realize is […]

  • Just What is a Balanced Diet?

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    You’ve been hearing about it all your life; in TV commercials and high school health classes. Still, only a few people who aren’t dieticians or nutritionists can tell you exactly what constitutes a balanced diet. But no one who can’t define a balanced diet should despair because the right balance in a diet is somewhat […]

  • 5 Food Trends to Whet Your Appetite

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    You’d think that, because we need it to stay alive, food really wouldn’t end up being ‘trendy’ at all – just like there are no trendy new ways to breathe air. But food tastes a lot better than air, and we love the flavours. Not only do food trends come and go for different tastes, […]