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Healthy Meal Delivery Toronto & GTA

Fit Food gives you an easy and realistic way to have it all , in the comfort of you own home, with great tasting, fresh and nutritious gourmet meals delivered to your door.

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How Fit Food Works


Delicious, healthy, prepared meals are just a click away. Choose your meals or build your own custom plan!

Review Your
Personalized Menu

We send a menu for the entire duration of your plan for your approval. We welcome customizations to accommodate your goals and personal tastes!

Delivered To
Your Door

Have your custom meals delivered to you TWICE weekly so you’re ready to just heat and eat!

Step by step: get to know Fit Food in 1min!

Healthy Food Delivery Toronto

Fit Food delivers fresh, healthy and gourmet meals right to your door. So the next time you’re wondering what to make for dinner – don’t. Just heat and serve a Fit Food entree that’s as delicious as it is good for you.

It’s your best option for fresh, healthy food delivery in Toronto.
Have a More Nutritious Diet

All of your meals are made with real ingredients, like fresh vegetables, hormone and antibiotic free chicken and certified Canadian angus beef. Plus, all dressings, dips, marinades and spreads are made in house!

Manage Your Weight

All meals are prepared by a chef with recipes using guidelines given by a registered nutritionist. You are what you eat and nutritious, well, balanced food is the most realistic way to get your weight to a healthy level and keep it there.

Save time

Say goodbye to looking for recipes, grocery shopping, cooking and portioning! Imagine having delicious, healthy, gourmet meals prepared just for you, starting at just $13.99.

Improve Your Health & Wellness

Whether you just want more energy at home and at work, help with your weight goals or you need better athletic performance, a healthy diet is the basis for better overall health and wellness. Fit Food can help!

Get Customized Support

From the moment you contact us, we offer customized free support. We encourage staying in touch so we can adapt and adjust your meal plan and help you make the right choices every step of the way!

Delivered right to your door

We deliver each freshly made meal in a microwaveable Fit Food container, packed in a unique, returnable Fit Food Cooler Bag. Delivered two times a week conveniently between 7 and 10PM.

Snack Healthy Too!

If hunger pangs tempt you away from healthy eating between meals, Fit Food delivers nutritious snacks that taste so good, you’ll think you’re cheating. Enjoy “to-die-for” choices like Blueberry Pecan Cookies, Carrot Cake Fit Bars and Chocolate Fudge Fit Bites.

Desserts & Snacks
cauliflower-rice-stirfry Gluten Free Lasagna Roll (snack) 180 Calories
chicken-stiryfry Grilled Chicken & Brown Rice Stir Fry 400 Calories
cauliflower-rice-stirfry-2 3- Vegetarian Cauliflower Rice Stir Fry 250 Calories
Meet Mariana

Fit Food was co-founded by Former Miss Universe Canada, who knows a thing or two about getting fit with a healthy diet plan. Now as a busy mom and an entrepreneur, having healthy, prepared meals is more important than ever!

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Lauren Howe
I am a huge believer in that 80% of being healthy comes from your diet instead of how hard you work in the gym. No matter how hard you work, if you don't treat your body right, you won't see results. With that in mind, I was absolutely saved by Fit Food and the meal plans. I was told that I needed to gain 5 pounds in three weeks ... While also needed to wear a bikini on an international stage. I didn't know the first thing about how to do that and Mariana worked with me to build out the ideal plan on how to make that happen. The meals were absolutely delicious, tailored to my goals and helped keep me on track when faced with a busy schedule. I am so grateful to the Fit Food team for all their work - thank you SO much!!
Miss Universe Canada 2014, Chanel Beckenlehner
"I am a big believer in a wholistic approach to achieving ultimate health. Nutrition is a key ingredient of success. Fit Food provides a customized approach to making your life easier and healthier. After experiencing several dishes not only are they delicious but also satisfying. This is fuel of champions".
D. Velardo
I have been on Fit Food for over a year, and have never felt better. When I decided to begin the program, I had reached a plateau with my weight and exercise program. As soon as I began Fit Food, I lost 5 lbs. within the first two weeks. I was ecstatic, as this was the breakthrough I had been waiting for. Since then, I have lost a total of 10 lbs. But more importantly, I feel so much better as the food is individually tailored, and has provided an overall healthy lifestyle. I have a very hectic schedule and often find that I skip meals. Since I have been on Fit Food, I have discovered how important it is to eat on time, and also to eat a total of five meals per day, which includes snacks as meals. I actually find myself looking forward to each meal. All foods are fresh and nutritious, and have a homemade quality! Love my Fit Food!

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Instagram post 2114169670473984763_673454057 Back-to-school shenanigans make our lives even busier, right? Fit Food to the rescue, then! Our meals are delivered to your door, and now we also have healthy & practical frozen meals that you can pick up at FH Fine Food! Not to mention our snacks and protein shakes that can be life-saving when you’re in a rush. Contact us (info in our bio) and we’ll have your back 💚 ⠀
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Instagram post 2111994764315506336_673454057 Michael Valente’s journey is a victorious ones. He accumulates over 10 years as a professional fitness expert and 15,000 hours of personal training and fitness consultation. He has six separate Training Certifications and has worked as a personal trainer and fitness consultant for 2 Miss Universe Canada winners. Combined with his extensive background in athletics, nutrition and sports supplementation, these accolades have allowed Michael to develop a holistic approach to his clients’ health and fitness, including regular exercise and a nutrition-based diet. It’s not too often that two people with the same last names end up getting married, but that’s what happened after Michael Valente and Mariana Valente met each other as he helped her train to win the Miss Universe Canada title. Together, they opened The Fit Loft personal training studio in 2009, and Fit Food in 2013. Two family business run by people who love life and living it to the fullest - and for that, we all need healthy bodies and minds! It’s a journey, one Michael and the whole team here at Fit Food will guide you through 💚
#fitfoodcanada #healthylifestyle #mealdeliverytoronto #healthyliving #healthyslaw #torontofood #torontofoodie #salad #mealprep #mealprepping #canada #toronto #vaughan #ontario #springmenu #workout #personaltrainer #training
Instagram post 2111329715490081884_673454057 Baking is a passion of ours, and baked goods are kind of an universal passion, aren’t they? We have a great menu of snacks with muffins, cookies and a lot more options for you, all available on our online shop (link in bio) and Fit Food’s store on Uber Eats! Add some flavour to your week with Fit Food 💚
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Instagram post 2109821459626090815_673454057 Look at them go! Our frozen meals all packed and ready to be delivered to you and to FH Fine Food, where you can grab yours too. Who wants one? Order away! 💚
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Instagram post 2107645268852842990_673454057 "The food was good. I have to say the rice (grain medley), WOW! I loved it, the Nicoise salad and the dressing out of this world…I really loved it. The meat was good too, once you put the chimichurri sauce it was tasty. Now I love my desserts and I would have eaten the whole tray of both muffins [Gluten free Coconut Chia and Chocolate Mocha].” - Julia Bosa, BA(Hons), RIB(Ont) / Contract & Developer Surety at Masters Insurance Limited. Julia and her coworkers got to enjoy our Catering in Offices menu, and so can you! We offer a great variety of main meals, wraps, snacks and smoothies. Contact us and have a taste! 💚
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Instagram post 2106197883622741057_673454057 Do you know Fit Food’s story? It all started when Mariana, Michael and Cathy joined forces, and we’ve decided to share a bit more of their journeys. First up: Mariana Valente, who was crowned Miss Canada in 2009 and is now a working mom who heads this family too. “After that experience, I dedicated myself to helping others improve their health and wellbeing to help them reach their goals. I got my Personal Training Certificate and together with Michael, we opened a training studio. But, while I could help them with a training plan, I couldn’t do anything about what happened outside the studio. People lead busy lives. While they came to me because they knew the importance of fitness to help them get through, I could only do so much. One day one, a client asked me to make meals for her. I ended up preparing some dishes and within the first week, she told us she could see and feel the difference, and that was it. Long story short, Fit Food was born. And, despite everything I’ve been fortunate enough to accomplish and experience, this might be the most fulfilling of all.” 💚
#fitfoodcanada #healthylifestyle #mealdeliverytoronto #healthyliving #healthyslaw #torontofood #torontofoodie #salad #mealprep #mealprepping #canada #toronto #vaughan #ontario #springmenu #story #summer #fruit #journey